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Anjouan Gaming License

Gaming Licensing offers a streamlined pathway for operators aiming to secure a gambling license from the Autonomous Island of Anjouan. This jurisdiction provides a unique blend of regulatory oversight and business-friendly policies, making it an attractive option for emerging and established online gaming enterprises.

Advantages of Anjouan Gaming License

The Anjouan gaming license is all about a straightforward process, affordability, and broad coverage. Let’s check out its other important advantages:

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    One license for all verticals

    A single Anjouan license covers all online gaming activities, from casinos and betting to bingo and eSports.

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    Fast and cost-effective procedure

    Known for its rapid approval and cost-effective setup, Anjouan is ideal for businesses seeking quick market entry without high expenses

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    No gaming taxes

    Operators enjoy a tax-free environment on gross gaming revenue, presenting a significant financial benefit.

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    Comparison with the Curacao license

    Anjouan offers a quicker, more affordable licensing process than Curacao, making it a competitive alternative for startups and those on tight budgets.

Anjouan Gaming License Requirements

Although the Anjouan gaming license is a fast and cost-friendly solution, there is a comprehensive set of guidelines designed to ensure operational integrity, financial responsibility, and player protection. Here are the key requirements for applicants:

  • Documentation and Checks

    Applicants must submit detailed personal and financial information, including passport copies, utility bills, and police clearance certificates, all in English or with certified translations. Background checks are mandatory to ensure compliance and integrity.

  • Compliance with the On-Line Gaming Act, 2005

    Licensees must follow all stipulations of the On-Line Gaming Act, including responsible promotion of gaming services without targeting minors or harming Anjouan’s reputation.

  • Player Protection Measures

    Implement procedures to identify and support at-risk players, including compulsive gamblers, with information and access to counselling services.

  • Legal Compliance and Reporting

    Regular reporting to the Anjouan Gaming Board on compliance, financial ratios, and significant operational changes is required.

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Protocols

    Establish stringent AML practices, including player identification, record-keeping, and suspicious transaction reporting. Designate a senior employee as the money laundering reporting officer.

  • Operational and Financial Integrity

    All operators are obligated to notify the Gaming Board of any changes in beneficial ownership, license revocations in other jurisdictions, and significant operational incidents. Ensure the financial and operational integrity of the gaming platform and its suppliers.

  • License Renewal and Board Cooperation

    Licensees must renew their license timely, report significant changes that may affect the license status, and attend Gaming Board meetings as required.

Anjouan Gaming License Cost

The annual cost of an Anjouan gaming license is €13,000. However, the total price must also include the application fee of €1,700, an annual key person authorisation fee of €2,000, plus the costs of establishing the company and more. Contact GamingLicensing experts for a full breakdown of the costs.

How to Apply for an Anjouan Gaming License/Application Process

The process of getting an Anjouan gaming license starts with the incorporation of your enterprise within the Comoros jurisdiction.

The next step is the preparation and compilation of requisite documentation, encompassing extensive personal and financial details, which form an integral component of the application dossier. This portfolio, alongside the formal license application, must be submitted to the Anjouan Gaming Board for evaluation.

The adoption of advanced security protocols and the establishment of regulatory-compliant banking and payment infrastructures are indispensable to meet the stringent standards prescribed by the authority.

GamingLicensing is here to provide unparalleled professional guidance throughout this intricate process, ensuring your venture’s seamless transition towards securing an Anjouan gaming license, thereby facilitating a compliant and prosperous operational framework.

Contact GamingLicensing experts for more details and a free consultation now.

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