Licensing in different countries

A gaming licence is necessary for any online gambling enterprise if its operator wants to run the business legally and offer their players the best games. It is also necessary for opening a merchant account for your venture. Read about opening merchant and processing accounts.

Gaminglicensing offers Curacao and Maltese licenses for online businesses, since these two are the most popular options to date. Both these licences have their advantages. However, changes constantly occur in gaming legislation, so we compiled the information on legislation in different countries. Read about it in this section.

Curacao licence

The Curacao licence is a perfect balance between the cost and quality. It takes only 2 weeks to obtain it, it is economical, and you can operate any gambling business under one licence. Note, if you want to open your own casino, you may not worry about the licence at all: our White label platform solution lets you operate under our licence.

Maltese licence

Maltese licence is expensive but very prestigious. There are 4 types of Maltese licences, each necessary for conducting a particular type of gambling activities: Class 1 – for casino games, skill games and lotteries, Class 2 – for betting, Class 3 – for peer betting and betting exchanges and Class 4 – for software vendors.

There are also other options, which are described in detail in this section. Read about legislation in different countries and ask our experts if you have questions or would like to obtain a licence.


  • One-for-all licence
  • Compliance testing
  • Medium to high costs
  • Mirrored site option
  • Responsible advertising


  • Gaming legislation is still pending


  • Unclear regulations
  • Not all businesses are licensed
  • Medium costs


  • Gambling is legal and popular
  • Actions being taken to protect players
  • Operators require a licence
  • Basic types of gambling activities are possible
  • The country benefits from the gambling sector

Australian Capital Territory

  • Rigid gambling requirements
  • $200,000 licence cost
  • 5-15% Gross profit tax rate
  • Thorough compliance testing
  • Non-standardised licence validity period

Australian Northern Territory

  • No standardised application fee
  • 20,000 revenue units for applying
  • 3 types of businesses to run
  • Game, lottery and ticket sale
  • Business ability, good reputation and financial background required


  • Peculiar legislation
  • Care of addicted people
  • Easier conditions for residents of Austria
  • “Small” vs. “proper” gambling
  • The gaming industry is on the rise


  • Gambling on the internet is illegal
  • Monopolized national lottery
  • Fines for playing on blocked websites
  • Only offline sports betting is available
  • Positive changes are possible in future


  • Long history of gambling
  • Strict regulations
  • High taxes
  • Player protection
  • Limited number of licences


  • English-speaking Latin American country
  • 2 types of licences
  • Affordable cost of licences
  • International vendors allowed to operate in Belize
  • Offering bets to locals is prohibited


  • High taxes
  • Strict regulations
  • Advertising prohibited
  • Regular software check required
  • All-in-one licence


  • Ambiguous gambling practice
  • Huge gambling market
  • Mainland China vs Macau and Hong Kong
  • Not every lottery is legal
  • Breaches of the law are not punished in full

Costa Rica

  • Poor reputation
  • Inexpensive
  • Weak player protection
  • Local residents are not allowed to play
  • Minimum amount of supervision for licensees


  • One licence for all activities
  • Simple licence obtaining process
  • Only 2 weeks to obtain a licence with
  • No VAT, low profit tax rate
  • Popular in the online gambling industry


  • Currently only sports betting is legal
  • 2 classes of licences
  • No players below the age of 18 are allowed
  • Physical presence of a provider or its partner in Cyprus is a must
  • 10% betting tax


  • Affordable tax
  • Focus on safety
  • RNG compliance test
  • Only players from Denmark can play
  • Danish bank account needed


  • 2 licences needed
  • Validity periods: 20 years, unlimited
  • Low licence cost
  • Low tax
  • Age restrictions


  • Long gambling history
  • High taxes
  • Not all gambling forms are allowed
  • Severe legal requirements
  • Official legalisation in 2010


  • Gambling activities are regulated by the Revenue Service
  • Player protection
  • Geographic restrictions
  • Taxes depend on the type of activity
  • Free application


  • Certain types of interactive gambling are illegal
  • Durable licence
  • EU influence
  • Locals may gamble on international sites
  • Sports betting and lottery are ever-popular


  • Highly reputable jurisdiction
  • Unique pricing system
  • Effective software testing system
  • Dispute management
  • Money-laundering protection


  • Uncertain future of the gaming industry
  • Sports betting, poker, casino and other activities
  • Online gambling is already legal
  • Licence validity is 5 years
  • Unfavourable conditions of licensing


  • Long gambling history
  • Reputable
  • Different forms of activities are possible
  • Good player protection
  • Tax-free winnings

Isle of Man

  • Aimed at responsible gaming
  • Good player protection
  • Low taxes
  • Software is inspected by trustworthy companies
  • Protection of the youth


  • Overwhelmingly long history of gambling
  • Pricy
  • Bureaucracy
  • Strict measures for not following gambling laws
  • Operators must meet certain requirements


  • Small jurisdiction
  • Reputable
  • 5 categories of licensing
  • Started licensing in 2011
  • Strong player protection


  • Reputable
  • Licenses online poker, casinos, sportsbooks
  • Application fee of US$40,000.00
  • No need to set up a company
  • Quality control


  • High cost of a licence
  • Age restrictions
  • 50% of key persons must be Latvian residents
  • Licence to be renewed once a year
  • Equipment should be regularly tested


  • Small jurisdiction
  • Gambling is permitted
  • Different gambling options
  • Non-nationalised lottery
  • Reasonable taxes


  • Secure business environment
  • Strong player protection
  • Low labour cost
  • Separate licences for different gaming activities
  • Licence validity period: 5 years


  • Among the newest gaming licensing jurisdictions
  • Lottery licences unavailable
  • Montenegro bank account needed
  • Additional services available
  • Quite low tax


  • The US gambling center
  • Changeable legislation
  • Regulated since 1931
  • Online gambling is allowed
  • Age restrictions


  • Small online gambling jurisdiction
  • No strict control of operators
  • Rigid standards of licence issuing
  • Private lotteries are not allowed
  • Low costs


  • Regulated since 2009
  • Corruption issues in the past
  • Local vs foreign business
  • Licence validity period is 6 years
  • High taxes


  • Partially regulated market
  • 4 types of gambling activity
  • Government encourages private operators
  • Common online platform
  • Development potential


  • High taxes
  • Specific licence for each activity
  • State lotteries
  • National and regional control
  • Illegal operators are banned

The Netherlands

  • Rigid governmental control
  • State monopolies prevail
  • Remote gambling is possible
  • Currently no licences issued
  • High taxes

The Philippines

  • Two districts with different set of rules
  • Locals cannot offer bets to locals
  • Licences are issued in Cagayan Freeport
  • Beneficial for Asian markets
  • Software compliance

United Kingdom

  • Good international reputation
  • Costly operations
  • Medium taxes
  • Transparency of business
  • Protection of vulnerable persons


  • Safe gambling
  • Licence duration: 10 years
  • Low tax
  • Reasonable licence fee
  • Strives for the best