License for Blockchain projects

I-gaming blockchain projects are one of the latest industry trends. Being a great idea itself, it can still be improved, namely by licensing your project. Contact our experts to apply for a license, or, if you haven’t created your blockchain-based project, contact us anyway to get detailed information.

Why do you need a license?

Getting a gaming license is highly recommendable since it gives you at least 4 advantages:

  • Financial stability
  • Security
  • Cooperation with the best providers
  • Players’ trust

Thus, you legalise your business and open more development opportunities.

Get your license quickly and easily

Licensing of blockchain projects requires a bit more time than the licensing of regular online casinos due to a longer process of registration. Also, you have to provide a games certificate and business plan. Without an experience in this field, the process can stretch for quite a long time.

GamingLicensing company is one of the first to have started issuing licenses for blockchain projects. We have an agreement with the Curacao gaming regulator, which provides such a service. We have over 10 years of experience in the i-gaming industry and know everything about getting necessary permissions in a fast and convenient way. Besides, you can open an account in a reliable European bank and any other service you need for running your gambling business.

Use your opportunity to legalise your activity and increase the efficiency of your business.

Igor Rumyantsev
Igor is the Head of Banking and Licensing Department at GamingLicensing who has over 15 years of experience in the industry. He is responsible for game and payment system integration, iGaming product licensing, and B2B certification. Igor is an expert in the gambling sector and game licensing. He keeps a close watch on industry trends and is always open to new ideas that can improve GamingLicensing’s services and help our clients.