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Curacao eGaming license is your go-to option for launching an offshore casino business. It’s the only one-size-fits-all solution in the market since you only need one license to cover all gaming verticals.

Through GamingLicensing, the process takes about 4-6 weeks in total, with our experts being there to help you every step of the way. From company registration in Curacao and preparation of documents to hosting services,
opening bank accounts, and integrating top-quality gaming software and payment processors, GamingLicensing is your trusted partner.

The Curacao gambling license is ripe for the taking. The country is in the middle of a significant overhaul of the rules, and only those operators licensed before the new regulations come into force can benefit from:

  • No VAT

  • Below 2% profit tax

  • The license costEUR 61,000 NOOGH;EUR 49,000 LOK

  • A single license for all types of gambling services

With a proper license, you will not only inspire confidence in your players that your games and software are fair, safe, and secure, but you’ll also be able to integrate games from NetEnt, Evolution, Play’n GO, and other top
providers that only work with licensed operators.

Additionally, most payment processors will only work with regulated operators, helping you establish a lucrative business operation and handle all transactions in accordance with the AML policy.

Advantages of Curacao License

To unlock the full potential of your iGaming business, you need a Curacao gaming license. Global acceptance, ease of the process, and financial benefits are all the aces up a Curacao license’s sleeve, making it the most
comprehensive solution for your online gaming platform.

  • (01)

    One License to Rule Them All

    Our all-encompassing license allows you to operate sports betting, casinos, poker, bingo, and lottery under a single certification. There’s no other license out there to streamline your operations better and save on the
    need for multiple licenses.

  • (02)

    Cryptocurrency Friendly

    Curacao license lets you capitalise on the growing trend of digital currency with no restrictions on cryptocurrency transactions. Offer your users the flexibility and privacy they prefer.

  • (03)

    Worldwide Recognition

    A Curacao license is your entry ticket to the global market, offering a secure and reliable foundation that complies with AML regulations. Expand your reach and scale your operations internationally.

  • (04)

    Low Tax, High Confidence

    Benefit from one of the lowest effective tax rates in the industry, all while operating within international rules. This fiscal advantage enhances your profitability and allows you to invest more in your business.

  • (05)

    Efficient and Cost-Effective Licensing Process

    Experience a swift licensing journey, with the possibility of obtaining your license in just 4-6 weeks in total. Our efficient process and low annual maintenance fees make Curacao an attractive option for rapid market

Curacao License Requirements

Your online casino business must meet specific regulatory standards and legal and ethical guidelines before you get it licensed. Here’s what you need to know to prepare for a successful application:

  • Company Registration

    Set up a gaming company in Curacao with a local representative to establish a legal base.

  • Game Descriptions

    Outline all gaming activities your platform offers for regulatory clarity.

  • Terms of Use

    Add a comprehensive “Terms of Use” on your site to inform and protect users.

  • Domain Creation

    You must register a unique domain for your online presence.

  • Local Server Requirement

    Host at least one physical server in Curacao to comply with local laws.

  • AML Policies

    Implement Anti-Money Laundering policies to safeguard your operations.

  • Software Audits

    Regularly audit software to ensure operational integrity.

  • RNG Certification

    Secure a Random Number Generator certificate to guarantee game fairness.

Curacao License Cost

Before the new license requirements come into force and drive the prices up, you must act and take advantage of the attractive Curacao license cost, currently around €90,000.

    The cost includes:

  • Company registration;
  • Hosting services;
  • Company management for the first year of business;
  • Registration, filing, and managing all documentation;
  • The gambling license.

How to Apply for a Curacao License/Application Process

With the help of GamingLicensing, the application process will be a breeze. Here are the steps to apply for your Curacao license with our expert guidance every step of the way:

Contact our team
Start by getting in touch with our team to gain insights into the licensing process tailored to your business.

Submitting the necessary documents
Send us the necessary documents as specified by our managers. This initial step is crucial for verifying your eligibility and readiness for the application.

Application form
Fill in the comprehensive application form. This form includes detailed information about your business operations, ownership, and financial standing.

Sign the contract with GamingLicensing
Sign the service contract with us. This formal agreement outlines the services, fees, and obligations of both parties during the licensing process.

Document approval
Await the approval of your submitted documents. This phase involves a thorough review by the Curacao licensing authority to ensure compliance with their standards.

Invoice payment
Once your documents are approved, you will receive an invoice for the licensing fee. Make sure to process the payment as quickly as possible to continue the process without delays.

Company incorporation
After the payment is concluded, your gaming company will be officially incorporated in Curacao within 4 weeks. This step is fundamental in establishing your legal presence in the jurisdiction.

License Issuance
Finally, receive your Curacao gaming license within 4-6 weeks of incorporation, provided all data and information are on point.

Other Gaming Licensing

Securing a gambling license is one of the most important steps on the road to success in iGaming. GamingLicensing helps you attain licenses from multiple offshore gambling jurisdictions, including:

  • Curacao

  • Isle of Man

  • Anjouan

  • Kahnawake

  • Malta

You can always contact us through the form below