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To run online gambling business, one definitely needs a processing (merchant) account to process clients’ transactions and a bank (current) account to use the revenues from the business at one’s own discretion. While the first account type mentioned is easier to set up, establishing the latter one often becomes a problem, since the majority of banks refuse to open accounts for high-risk businesses.


You may be asked for the purpose of the account, the business model of the beneficiary, the licence and location of your business. Banks may decline anything related to gambling.

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This is why it is a great advantage to build strong longterm cooperation with banks that agree to cooperate with gambling businesses, and obtain the lists of these banks timely.

We can do all the job for you.

Here is why GamingLicensing can be your best partner:

  • we cooperate with all the EU banks that open accounts to gambling companies;
  • we cooperate with numerous non-EU banks that open accounts to gambling companies;
  • we constantly refresh our list of partner banks by adding gambling-friendly ones and removing unreliable or those having ceased working with gambling businesses;
  • we care about the speed of opening accounts and the quality of their maintenance. For this purpose, we assist in filling in and submitting all the necessary banking documentation and overseeing if bank clerks provide the services timely and efficiently.

GamingLicensing has been providing this service for several years. Our clients run their businesses successfully, using advantages of setting up accounts with our assistance.

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Among the features there are the following ones:

  • Swift Code & Account number
  • Credit card settlements, E-Wallet settlements, convenience in paying your employees
  • Reliability of EU-based banks
  • Multi-currency
  • Expertise in managing exactly gambling businesses’ accounts
  • Internet Banking
  • Business Card linked to account
  • Acceptance of Merchant Services facilities
  • Fast payments

Note! We are working with licensed companies. We do not provide the service to unlicensed companies or companies licensed under unreputable jurisdictions.

Choose a convenient banking solution and let us help you every step of the way!

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