1. What is Gaming Licensing?

Gaming Licensing is a licensing company that was established in 2015 and is a part of the eGamings Group dealing with innovative gaming solutions for both land-based and online gaming enterprises. Gaming Licensing is focused on helping future casino operators obtain reputable gaming licenses for all types of iGaming products.

2. What kind of services does Gaming Licensing provide?

Some of the services Gaming Licensing provides include company registration with designated authorities, helping casino operators obtain Curacao and Maltese gaming licenses, gathering the needed documentation, hosting services, payment systems integration including many cryptocurrencies, providing help with the certification of your gambling software, and much more.

After your gambling operation receives the required iGaming license, Gaming Licensing is there to continue supporting you through the rest of your journey by offering Banking Solutions services. It all starts with setting up a bank account at EU banks that cater to “high-risk” clients. GL helps you open and maintain your account, facilitates management of multi-currency accounts, handles credit card and e-wallet settlements, assists you with obtaining a SWIFT code, and offers support regarding other relevant aspects pertaining to your business.

3. Why should I get a gaming licence?

Having a reputable gaming licence allows casino operators to buy legal software from leading gaming software producers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, and Betsoft, as well as integrate reliable payment systems including credit cards, e-wallets, and others. Also, if you have a licensed and regulated business, players will know that you operate a legitimate site and that their safety and winnings payouts are guaranteed.

4. What types of gambling licences are there?

Gaming Licensing can help you get different licences and permits for various types of gambling operations. For example, Gaming Licensing can help you with an online casino licence, bingo games, lottery, and poker room licences from two gambling jurisdictions – Curacao eGaming and Malta Gaming Authority.

5. What are the advantages of getting a casino licence through Gaming Licensing?

Gaming Licensing offers support every step of the way until you get your desired licence and beyond. Gaming Licensing helps you register a company in the designated territory, set up bank accounts, integrate payment methods, and more. Through Gaming Licensing, you can choose cost-effective and fast licensing solutions that can cover various gaming products at the same time, such as casino, sports betting, poker, and others. Gaming Licensing also has around-the-clock technical support that can help you should any problems arise.

6. What is the cost of a gaming licence?

The final cost of a gaming licence depends on multiple factors. First, it depends on the type of gaming licence you want, either from Curacao or from Malta. Then, it depends on what kind of services you want to include, what kind of gambling operation you want to run, and similar. For example, the gaming licence from Curacao eGaming Authority has a price of €20,000 and includes issuing the gambling licence, local hosting costs, company registration, and filing and registration of all the necessary documentation.

7. What is the difference between Curacao and Malta Gambling Licences?

There are various differences between the two gambling licences and jurisdictions. Both are reputable, but the Malta Gaming Authority’s licence is regarded as one of the most respected licences in the iGaming industry.That said, you can expect the cost of the MGA licence to be much higher than the Curacao one. Curacao licences incur a single income tax up to 2% at mostwhile MGA ones have an annual licenсe fee whose price tag starts at €80,000, plus flexible taxation — 0.40–1.25% of the operator’s turnover. The renewal of a Curacao license also incurs a cost equal to 6% of total sales.  

Also, the registration period for Curacao licence is completed in up to 1.5 months, while a full MGA licence is issued in 6 months.

8. What are some rules and regulations online casinos need to follow to obtain a gaming licence?

The rules and regulations online casinos need to abide by depend on the licensing jurisdiction. The most common ones include conducting a Responsible Gaming policy that fights gambling addiction, visible display of the licence logo, RNG software certification, and more. Before they issue a licence to a casino, Gambling Commissions require a detailed description of gambling business, its data and financial reports, auditing information, description of games and their systems, and more.

9. How to register an online casino business in Curacao?

The first step is to register a private company with limited liability, known as the Netherlands Antilles Besloten Vennootschap (NABV/N.V. or B.V.). To do so, you need to provide specific information, such as a document confirming the beneficiary’s identity, the confirmation of the address that needs to be in Curacao (can be a utility bill not older than 1 months), an income statement, a bank recommendation, and more. Gaming Licensing has a team of professionals that will help you with all the details.

10. What are the documents I need to provide to Gaming Licensing to register an online casino company?

Some of the documents you need to send to Gaming Licensing are the ID card, bank reference, English translation of all documents, company revenue information, and overall business plan.

11. What are the main advantages of a Curacao gaming licence?

Some of the main advantages of having a Curacao licence is that Curacao-registered online casinos are registered in the territory of Curacao. This means that you’ll have to pay up to 2% income tax and a 6% sales tax.  Of all income there is not an additional VAT tax or anything. Also, the licensing process is completed in around 1.5 months and is cost-effective. Moreover, there are no limits on withdrawing dividends and you don’t need to register an office in Curacao.

12. What are some basic requirements for a Curacao gaming licence?

For starters, your servers need to be physically located in Curacao and your software needs to have been verified by an independent auditing company. Also, fair, clear and transparent Refund and Responsible Gaming Policies need to be visible and upheld at all times.

13. How does a process of getting a Curacao licence through Gaming Licensing work?

First, you contact our expert team and submit all the required documents. Then, you need to fill in the application form and sign a contract with us. After the documentation has been approved, you pay the invoice we send and your licence will arrive in around 2–3 weeks.

14. Can I integrate cryptocurrencies through Gaming Licensing?

Gaming Licensing’s cryptocurrency solution allows you to integrate Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies in a fast and reliable way. You will also get a 24/7 support service from Gaming Licensing’s team of experts.

15. Can I license a cryptocurrency casino through Gaming Licensing?

Gaming Licensing helps you get all the necessary permissions to register and license a cryptocurrency gambling operation in Curacao, such as opening an account in a reliable European bank, obtaining a certificate of fairness for your games, and establishing a business plan.

16. What is a Gaming Licensing hosting service?

Gaming Licensing provides state-of-the-art and licensed hosting service that guarantees your site won’t get blocked for providing gambling services. With our hosting, your site can support thousands of players at the same time thanks to high bandwidth, a global fibre backbone with over 200 PoPs worldwide, dynamic routing with BGP-4, and flexible BGP community options.

17. Is Gaming Licensing’s hosting service safe?

Our hosting service is protected at all times by internal and external Firewall, DDoS system, Blackhole routing and customer port filters.

18. Can Gaming Licensing help you with gambling licences from other jurisdictions?

The experts from Gaming Licensing are extremely knowledgeable about gambling laws and regulations in Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, the UK and many other countries and can help you register your business in different countries’ gambling markets.

19. What betting licences can Gaming Licensing help me with?

Gaming Licensing allows you to choose between the Malta Gaming Authority and the Curacao eGaming betting licences. The MGA betting licence has a starting fee of €80,000, plus an annual fee of €25,000 and takes around two months to complete, while the Curacao eGaming betting licence can be obtained in around six weeks and costs around €22,000, or €18,000 if you opt for our API platform.

20. What kind of documentation do I need for a Malta Gaming betting licence?

To obtain an MGA B2C betting licence, you need a completed application in English, copies of the company’s beneficial owners’ ID documents, description of your professional background, criminal record, corporate charter, business plan and some other documents.
Igor Rumyantsev
Igor is the Head of Banking and Licensing Department at GamingLicensing who has over 15 years of experience in the industry. He is responsible for game and payment system integration, iGaming product licensing, and B2B certification. Igor is an expert in the gambling sector and game licensing. He keeps a close watch on industry trends and is always open to new ideas that can improve GamingLicensing’s services and help our clients.

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