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Kahnawake Gaming Licence

  • Reputable
  • Licenses online poker, casinos, sportsbooks
  • Application fee of US$40,000.00
  • No need to set up a company
  • Quality control

Kahnawake is a National reserve of the Mohawks Indians in Quebec, Canada. However, this territory is also noteworthy for a particular reason.


Advantages of the jurisdiction

In fact, Kahnawake is a top gaming jurisdiction. Gaming activity is controlled by The Kahnawake Gaming Commission. The Commission issues licences for online poker, casinos and sportsbooks.

All the data is kept in the local Mohawk Internet Technologies (MIT) data center, which serves vendors from the whole North American continent. To a certain extent, the Kahnawake has a good reputation owing to successful work of MIT.

As to the specifics of the licensing, there are several key points to be considered. It is required to pay all mandatory fees, such as  the Application Fee (US$40,000.00) and Key Person Licence Application fee (US$5,000.00).

Some other features of the licensing include:

  1. To start a business one does not need to register a local company in Kahnawake.
  2. No gaming tax.
  3. The licence has to be renewed once a year.
  4. Vendors must provide audits for the Commission.

In general, this North American territory has earned a decent reputation and is still considered to be one of the most reliable jurisdictions.

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