Gaming Machine License

As is the case with many other job positions in the gaming industry, in order to supply machines or make software repairs on gaming establishment premises, you need a gaming machine license.


You can apply for a gaming machine license only if a gaming establishment has offered you a job. Also, before you can obtain a license, you will have to pass various background checks. Here’s what you can expect if you apply for a gaming machine license.

Gaming Machine License Types

First things first, you should determine what sort of license you need since there are two different types of gaming machine licenses: a full operating license and linked license. Naturally, that will depend on the type of job you’ve been offered.

If you have been offered full-time employment or you are planning a career in the gambling industry and you wish to supply gambling software, you should apply for the full operating license. When it comes to the linked license, it allows you to temporarily perform repair activities in gambling establishments. It also allows you to supply, adapt, install, or repair gaming machines only if they are available to your customers on your establishment’s premises.

Also, this license allows you to manufacture, supply, or adapt gambling software in any gaming establishment owned by you. Finally, you should know that, when it comes to the maintenance of gambling software, the linked license can be remote or non-remote.

There are some activities you can perform even without having a license, such as cleaning the machines, changing the display, or even swapping components, as long as it doesn’t affect the outcome of games or their software.

However, keep in mind that the linked license also comes with certain restrictions. For example, to ensure that the license is only used for a limited time and in certain domains of your business, license issuers often impose financial restrictions.

The amount may depend on the gaming authority, and it includes purchasing new parts or paying for new gaming machines, as well as labour costs. If you or your business exceed these restrictions, your license will either be revoked or you will have to apply for a gaming machine license or gambling software operating license.

Applying For the Gaming Machine License

The process itself is straightforward — prepare the necessary paperwork and submit an application. As is the case with most jobs out there, you will be required to provide a birth certificate, driving license, passport, marriage certificate (if applicable), and financial statements and tax returns for the previous three years.

The rest of the information you are required to provide will depend on the type of license you are trying to obtain and also the gaming jurisdiction/license issuer, so make sure you do thorough research. Some jurisdictions will even ask you to advertise your application in local media.

The most important part when applying for any gaming-related license is to be transparent and include only accurate information in your application. Gaming authorities always do background checks and they will definitely check if you have a criminal record. On top of that, they will verify your references and your previous employment, especially if you claimed that you have worked in a gaming establishment.

Jun 19, 2019