The new generation gamblers: exploring the online casino player profile

With the development of online casinos, the field of iGaming has also changed completely. How do people and casinos interact today? Even a successfully launched online casino platform can fail if the communication with customers is not set up properly. And victory will be yours if you manage to precisely meet the needs of the target group, the platform developers, the providers, and the payment systems.
The online casino & betting sector is always a vibrant and high-growth landscape, attracted by innovative opportunities from VR technology to blockchain technology. Get ready for the iGaming market to be worth over $138 billion by 2028, with an audience of over 243 million players. It’s up to you whether you stand on the sidelines observing progress or become the driving force behind it!

In a fiercely competitive environment, it’s important to get your customers’ attention, but it’s even more vital to know them by sight!
Let us examine the characteristics of the 2024 target group and draw a portrait of the ideal gambling customers. Who are they and how old are they? Do they like classic slot machines or do they love sports betting?

Different GEOs — different player preferences

While European, Canadian and Australian players are trying their luck at slot machines, blackjack, roulette and baccarat, Indians are into cricket and betting. Kenya and Nigeria, meanwhile, focus on the European soccer league, while Latin America bets on national leagues. For online entrepreneurs, it’s important not to be confused when choosing a jurisdiction and to accurately hit the desires of the target audience

Europe has 8 times more active players than Latin America and 18 times more than Asia!

The major gamers’ types

An accurate portrait of the target player is formed particularly for new casino operators who are at the stage of launching a platform or in search of the right providers, payment systems, and software. They should realize that the target audience usually consists of two types:

  • Those who play for pleasure, wealthy people
  • Those who want to get rich, often gambling addicts, and impulsive gamblers.

If the first group is important for the presence of a license and the legality of operations within the casino, the second in the first place — getting bonuses, hot offers, and participation in promotions.

Decisive criteria: age, preferences, devices

Nowadays, it is difficult to create a uniform portrait of the average online gambler. It varies depending on players’ demographics, GEO, goals, and even devices. In 2024, the most likely target audience for gambling is:

  1. Generation Z (18-26 years old), well-versed in digital platforms and technology, on “you” with AI & VR environments.
  2. Baby boomers (50-60 years old) are interested in bingo, poker, and roulette.
  3. Players who prefer the convenience of playing online casino games at home without the hustle and bustle.
  4. Users of mobile devices, the more so they are becoming more and more numerous. Today there are about 5 billion Internet users on the planet! And that’s 66% of its entire population.
  5. International players, from various cultures and regions. Modern online casinos erase borders and guarantee gamers access from anywhere in the globe.


Gambling is legal here, but standards vary from province to province and region to region. A steady 6 out of 10 Canadians prefer slots, betting, bingo and roulette. According to Lethbridge statistics, 68-70% of people between the ages of 18 and 40 play online games. And among them, there are more men, 82%, than women — 18%.


The situation in Australia is not the same. There is an almost equal number of men and women, declared in the online gambling sphere: 54% of men vs. 46% of women. The average age of the Australian gambler — from 28 to 48 years. Casinos are focused on solvent gamers, lottery fans (~20%) and sports fans (15%). In addition, almost 80% of Australians are interested in gambling, which accounts for about 10% of national income.

EU countries

The greatest gambling market in the world develops gambling like no other. Sweden, for example, accounts for 62% of online betting from across Europe. The UK accounts for 35% of the European market. By the way, almost 70% of Europeans place bets using mobile devices.

  • The average European gambler is a young person 18 to 30 years old.
  • In the UK, ~5-10% of 25-54 year old gambling users bet consistently every three months.
  • Of the total number of online gambling fans in England, 83% are male.


In Latin America, gambling is mainly practiced by the target group of 25 to 40-year-olds. Men predominate among them, but there are also exceptions. In Brazil, for example, more than 60% of online casino customers are women. In other countries, their share is around 17%. The main difference between the target groups in Latin America is their passion for football, slot machines, and roulette. Only in Colombia is the local payment system the most important factor when choosing a casino.

  • According to Grupo Globo, the main age of players in Brazil is between 20 and 44 years old.
  • The largest age group is 25-40 years old (35%).


Almost all forms of gambling are banned in China, but several online casinos in the Philippines cater specifically to Chinese players. They prefer mobile betting (72% of bettors). The proportion of female players is around 6%. The dominant games in the Asian market are slot machines (80% of all games) with well-known mahjong symbols.


Increasing audience loyalty?

In 2024, online casinos are working to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all types of players. The target audience is growing year on year, and to build their loyalty, it is necessary to provide them with a consistent experience with game integrity and security.


GameLicensing knows that for a successful business, online casino operators need the right interaction with the audience, legalization, and convenience of payments. Our team of experts will tell you what to focus on when opening an online casino, how to develop a user-friendly interface, and how to leverage gamification tools and localization through a single API integration. Get in touch with the GameLicensing managers who already know all about your target audience!

Feb 9, 2024
Ivan Kiselev
Ivan, the Sales Manager at GamingLicensing, is an iGaming licensing expert. He excels in securing licenses and managing inquiries while maintaining strong client relationships. Thanks to him, they have already received more than 100 successful licenses. Ivan's strengths are in understanding client needs, adapting to industry trends, and offering innovative solutions. He works with budgets of all sizes and is recognized as a trusted industry advisor.

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