Why is a gambling business license necessary?

The iGaming industry is at its peak. Over 4.5 billion people worldwide engage in online gambling at least once a year, from sports betting to roulette and online poker. However, to meet the needs and goals of its customers, a company must operate legally and gain the trust of its customers. But that’s not all! Want to start a successful iGaming business? Then choose the right jurisdiction and get a license.Let’s find out with the example of five regions for gambling registration, what are the advantages of licensing in specific jurisdictions, and what happens if you ignore it.

Gambling License. The first step to success

Various factors are constantly changing attitudes towards vertical gambling and online casinos. For example, many countries recognize this way of earning money as legal. To obtain a gambling license, it’s important to research this issue thoroughly!

«Back in 2021, the online gambling industry earned over $61 billion and has continued to grow ever since. Many experts believe that this figure will reach $94 billion», — Big Data Analytics News

In an instant, gambling became popular & profitable!

The online casino licensing’s perks: what do partners and players demand?

A license is the first chapter on the path of a successful legal business, which guarantees the honesty and transparency of the company’s activities. What is it needed for?

  • Convenient tax payment
  • Easy passage of all checks by local authorities
  • Transparent operations

Operators can use the services of professionals if they do not want to waste their nerves and time on a lengthy licensing procedure. They will allow them to instantly launch an online casino anywhere on the planet: from Anjouan to Malta, from Greece to the USA. What useful things do operators get with a license?

  1. Player protection. With a license, players, and partners won’t see you as a fraudulent organization. For example, by implementing a verification feature on your platform, you confirm a responsible gaming policy and enhance the security of your customers.
  2. Compliance with laws & standards. Obtaining a license demonstrates to your online casino players that you adhere to relevant laws and standards, thereby increasing customer trust.
  3. Access to the global market. If you already have a gaming license from Curacao, Malta, or the USA, you can confidently acquire licenses in other jurisdictions. Regulators own reciprocity agreements that reduce monetary costs and simplify the filing process.
  4. Casino credibility. The reputation of the casino among players, investors, and partners is greatly enhanced if its activities are labeled within the framework of the law. License reflects the true desire of the casino to conduct a transparent business.
  5. Simplified payment processing. Many banks & payment resources require a valid gambling license. Operators can use any checking account and make it available to bank card holders, cryptocurrency wallets, PayPal, or Skrill.

Choosing the right jurisdiction for iGaming area

When selecting an appropriate jurisdiction for licensing, operators need to consider factors such as registration expenses, regulatory prerequisites, taxation, and other subtleties. Explore the top 5 sought-after licensing destinations:


For those who want to get started quickly and not spend a lot of money on collecting documents and applications.


Since the 1990s, o. Curacao licenses the business of online gambling. The annual for any type of gambling reaches 12,500 euros. What does the operator get?

  • Ability to obtain a license online
  • Strong reputation.
  • Corporate tax is usually around 2% of net profit or less
  • High level of customer trust

Canada (Kahnawake)

Kahnawake will be looked at by companies that want seamless access to a global marketplace with a 0 tax rate.

Kahnawake has been issuing gambling licenses since 1999. This reputable and financially favorable jurisdiction chooses responsible and honest gambling without the stigma of “fraudulent”, besides:

  • Single license for all B2C verticals
  • Fast processing times — up to 4 months
  • Legitimacy of operations & collaboration with leading gambling providers
  • Use of fiat and crypto payment solutions
  • Advantages of working with fiat & cryptocurrency payments


For B2B/B2C business owners, online platforms with a massive game portfolio.


The pioneer of online gambling licensing is Malta (in the EU since 2003). Such sharks of the gambling business as Betsson Group, LeoVegas, Play’n GO, and others have settled here. Let you not be intimidated by the strict application process, providing personal income information. What does the operator get?

  • Launching a ready-made casino takes 12 months
  • Simplified business operations with banks & payment resources
  • Responsible gaming policy
  • Tax conditions (rate up to 35% with the possibility of reduction to 5%)
  • Recognition by other European countries

Isle of Man

Suitable for online casino operators that require low tax rates.


The legislation in the online gambling sector on the island has been in operation since 2001. The local licensing regime is famous for its strictness, responsiveness, and high respect from clients. The license provides flexible conditions for easy business development, including:

  • Corporate tax — 0%, profit tax — 0.1-1.5%
  • Developed infrastructure and professional support for gambling operators
  • One license for gambling activities & marketing


Anjouan is considered an excellent alternative for iGaming operators because it’s similar to Curaçao in many respects.


Anjouan is distinguished from other jurisdictions by its favorable regulatory environment. The fees and associated costs are cheaper than in Malta. Amendments to the 2023 legislation made it possible to obtain a gambling license in a quick and hassle-free way, thanks to:

  • Instant assessment of the application for financial viability and technical capabilities of the operator
  • Single license for the entire iGaming segment
  • Clear regulatory framework
  • 0% tax rate on gross gambling revenue

Consequences of ignoring business licensing

If you refuse a gambling license, you may feel the financial and legal consequences. Ignoring licensing can limit future operations and degrade a company’s reputation:

  1. Financial institutions won’t agree to a partnership. For banks and payment resources, a license is extremely important as a guarantee of your transparent operations. Its absence hints at your criminal activity, fraud, and even terrorist financing.
  2. Operating without a license worsens your brand reputation. Operating without a license suggests that you are not following the rules of fair play and your customers are not 100% protected.
  3. No license? Then get unobvious fines! If licensing laws are not enforced, operators can face hefty fines and lawsuits.
  4. Partnerships with development companies can be forgotten. Game providers and online casino aggregators do not deal with unlicensed brands.

Wrapping Up

At Gaming Licensing, you can receive full support in obtaining a gambling license through a simplified procedure. Our team of experts has deep knowledge and experience, allowing them to efficiently conduct all necessary legal and administrative procedures. Understanding the complexities and requirements associated with obtaining a license, we are ready to help our clients navigate the entire process without unnecessary hassle and delays. Contact our managers for more detailed information!

The iGaming industry is at its peak. Worldwide engage in online gambling at least once a year, from sports betting to roulette and online poker. However, to meet the needs and goals of their clients, companies first and foremost need to ensure the legality of their business and gain the trust of players. An online gambling license allows operators to establish a full-fledged online casino, serving as a guarantee of financial stability and security.

Jan 30, 2024
Ivan Kiselev
Ivan, the Sales Manager at GamingLicensing, is an iGaming licensing expert. He excels in securing licenses and managing inquiries while maintaining strong client relationships. Thanks to him, they have already received more than 100 successful licenses. Ivan's strengths are in understanding client needs, adapting to industry trends, and offering innovative solutions. He works with budgets of all sizes and is recognized as a trusted industry advisor.

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