6 criteria you need to know before investing in live casino software

Starting an online casino is a complex process. The gambling market has many intricacies that have to be taken into consideration. One of the key factors is the software offered to players. It will determine whether clients are satisfied with your platform. Poor-quality software is the fastest way to lose customers and, consequently, income.

Why should you invest in the gambling business?

Investments in online casinos can be very profitable. Gambling operators’ revenues continue to increase every year. Experts insist that the earnings growth trend will persist in the near future.

Online casinos attract gamblers for a number of reasons:

  1. Easy start. A player does not need to spend a lot of time and effort on learning how to play. Betting and spinning the reels can be done without prior experience. A casino’s website can be accessed with a laptop or mobile device; an Internet connection is the only thing required.
  2. Convenient betting experience. Online casinos with live dealers are open 24/7. One does not need to leave their house in order to bet on table or card games.
  3. Demo versions. New players are often reluctant to place a bet, as they are afraid to lose money. That is where demo versions come into play. They are identical to real-money versions and allow users to learn all features before betting.
  4. Elaborate bonus system. Online casinos use bonuses to attract and retain customers.

6 main criteria for choosing live casino software

To make your investments successful, you have to offer only high-quality software, which creates an immersive and comfortable environment for players. A chat feature for communicating with dealers and other users would be a big advantage.

There are other criteria you should take into account. Profitable gambling software usually have the following characteristics:

  1. High level of security. Online casinos are popular not only among gamblers. Unfortunately, they also tend to attract a lot of fraudsters. It is crucial that your software ensures a safe gaming experience. No sensitive personal data should be shared with third parties.
  2. Stability and reliability. Good software should not lag, freeze or glitch during gameplay, otherwise it ruins the enjoyment for players. Nobody will want to play such a game again. Profitable software runs without any issues. Furthermore, third parties can never get access to any outcomes of game rounds.
  3. Clear and simple interface. Customers want to immediately start playing casino games, not spend their time exploring interface options. A good live game has a user-friendly control panel. Also, an info section with some tips is a big plus.
  4. Pleasant appearance. Visuals are one of the main factors for online casino visitors in choosing a game to play. Eye-catching graphics are as important as interesting gameplay.
  5. Live chat option. This feature is available in every modern live casino game. The ability to communicate with a dealer allows players to completely immerse into the authentic casino atmosphere without leaving the comfort of their homes.
  6. Multilingual and multi-currency support. Many leading online casinos have one big advantage: they can be accessed from almost all over the world. It is in your best interest to attract as many clients as possible, and multilingual and multi-currency software can help with that.

Other things to pay attention to when choosing live casino software

Above, we talked about the basic characteristics of good live casino software. Besides them, there are other, less obvious factors that distinguish high-quality software products from low-quality ones:

  • Technical support. The chosen provider should quickly respond to any technical issues. Remember that every minute of some machine sitting idle will cost you money.
  • Loyalty program. The more interesting bonuses and rewards are, the more engaged your players will be.
  • Gambling license. Every self-respecting provider puts only certified and licensed software on the market. Before buying gambling software, you should carefully study its accompanying documentation.
  • Mobile compatibility. According to statistics, the vast majority of gamblers play casino games on their smartphones. In order not to lose potential customers, choose software adapted for mobile devices.
  • Positive feedback. It is recommended to choose providers with impeccable reputation. Naturally, you should read reviews on popular third-party platforms, not on providers’ official websites.

Which providers offer the best live casino solutions?

Live casino games are offered by several large companies. We recommend the following providers for high-quality iGaming software:

  • Pragmatic Play. Founded in 2015, Pragmatic Play is one of the leading live casino providers. In a short period of time, it developed into one of the industry’s powerhouses. Pragmatic Play offers roulette, American blackjack, multihand blackjack, baccarat, and other live dealer games.
  • Ezugi. Ezugi provides top-notch live casino solutions. The company has studios in Costa Rica, Belgium, Cambodia, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, and Latvia. Their portfolio consists of over 20 live dealer games.
  • Evolution. Evolution offers solutions for live casinos, mobile platforms and land-based gaming halls. One of the key features of their software is the ability to play multiple tables at the same time.


With the right approach, a live casino business can be very lucrative. For customers to choose your website over others, you must offer only reputable and high-quality software. Games from respected, licensed providers guarantee a fast return on investment.

Nov 24, 2022
Igor Rumyantsev
Igor is the Head of Banking and Licensing Department at GamingLicensing who has over 15 years of experience in the industry. He is responsible for game and payment system integration, iGaming product licensing, and B2B certification. Igor is an expert in the gambling sector and game licensing. He keeps a close watch on industry trends and is always open to new ideas that can improve GamingLicensing’s services and help our clients.

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