Pros and Cons of Virtual Gaming Expos

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the entire world hard. Even though the online gaming industry hasn’t been as affected as its land-based counterpart, some things had to change to maximise all industry workers’ health and safety.

That is why most expos that were supposed to occur in land-based venues were cancelled or at least postponed. However, many organizers decided to proceed with their respective events by making them virtual.

In other words, instead of travelling to an expo, various operators, affiliates, providers, and more had an opportunity to attend different events from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of holding an expo on the web instead of offline.

Advantages of Virtual Gaming Expos

The primary advantage we’d like to stress is the cost. 

Hosting a big expo is usually very expensive, which is why thousands of dollars will be saved, as managers won’t have to pay for logistics, the venue, the speakers, entertainment, and much more. Even if you’re just a visitor, you’ll have travelling expenses, which could be pretty high if your entire team is going.

That said, making an online version of an expo isn’t exactly free. 

Organisers still have to pay administrators, web developers, and others to create a virtual experience for them. Still, when all costs are considered, it’s safe to say that virtual expos save a lot of money, especially for those who would have to buy plane tickets and book hotel rooms.

Another huge benefit is gaining more data. 

In a world where information plays a crucial role, gathering data about visitors is beneficial for making the expo even better. Virtual visitors can tell a lot about themselves when attending online expos.

Disadvantages of Virtual Gaming Expos

When creating new business deals, networking is essential. Unfortunately, it’s simply not the same when done online, which is why the main disadvantage of virtual expos is a lack of good networking opportunities. 

The good news is that most people attending these expos are tech-savvy, so they usually manage to find a way to get in touch with other attendees. Still, meeting them in-person during a casual networking event is always a better option and is bound to bring better results.

Furthermore, if you visit an expo in-person, you’ll be entirely focused on it. That’s not the case when you’re checking out an event from your home or your office, as there other people, kids, TV, and notifications from social media are bound to distract you. You’ll have to do your best to concentrate on the virtual expo, especially when things being presented aren’t very interesting.

Conclusion: Are Virtual Gaming Expos Worth It?

Plenty of expos took place on the web this year, and some of them hosted hundreds of attendees. Many of them seemto have been quite successful, which is great, but are they really as effective as their offline counterparts?

One thing is certain — virtual expos are better than no expos, as they still offer visitors an opportunity to learn more about the industry and connect with influential people and companies.

Still, if you ask most of the people from the industry, they’ll probably tell you that they still prefer attending these expos in person.

Dec 1, 2020