Why iGaming: Malta’s Latest Campaign for New Workforce

The small island country of Malta has been the European centre of online gambling. The country is home to many online operators and often hosts various expos and get-togethers for industry professionals. Moreover, iGaming workers in Malta often come up with various projects that aim to improve the industry. One of their latest projects is called ‘Why iGaming’.

The country joined forces with iGaming trade body iGEN, creating the initiative which has the goal to attract fresh talent to the industry. Malta is represented by Gaming Malta, a government-sanctioned non-profit organisation that focuses on the online gambling sector. The organisation, together with iGEN, created the site www.whyigaming.eu that promotes vacancies. iGEN consists of 22 member companies that operate in the industry, and all their job offers can be found on the website.

The site will be accompanied by a multinational campaign that aims to inform all foreign nationals about the available opportunities in Malta’s iGaming sector. Moreover, the campaign will provide details for those who are willing to relocate to the Mediterranean island in order to pursue a career in iGaming.

Ivan Filletti, Chief Operating Officer of Gaming Malta, stated that the portal was ‘in sync’ with the organisation’s mission to ‘position Malta as the Home of Gaming Excellence’. Moreover, Filetti added that the iGaming sector in the country promotes an equal and diverse working culture, as well as plenty of opportunities for talented individuals.According to Malta’s official statistics, there are approximately 7,000 full-time workers in the industry and 4,000 part-time roles.

iGEN Helping With Broadening the Talent Pool

iGEN is also actively engaged in helping Malta increase its workforce. Although its officials agree that the salaries are pretty lucrative, they also claim that many interested workers stumble upon barriers when they want to join the iGaming industry.

According to Enrico Bradamante, iGEN’s chairman, Malta is still the centre of iGaming in Europe (if not the world). He said that iGEN’s vision was to enable the biggest companies in the industry to reach talented individuals by ‘providing a resource to individuals interested in working in the sector’.

Moreover, Bradamante added that people who wanted to work in the iGaming sector could use the official website to search for jobs and find out more about iGEN’s member companies. He also said that the site provided useful information about working in the industry.

Bradamante concluded that the site would be updated regularly with new roles for every open position, including entry-level jobs, customer support, finance roles, and even management and executive roles.

Malta’s iGaming sector is rapidly expanding. Many people interested in becoming part of it now have a unique opportunity to search for new jobs, as there are already dozens of roles available at Why iGaming. The site uses a simple search engine that lets you filter the jobs based on available roles. 

Oct 6, 2020