Australian Northern Territory

Australian Northern Territory Gaming Licence – GamingLicensing

Australian Northern Territory Gaming Licence

  • No standardised application fee
  • 20,000 revenue units for applying
  • 3 types of businesses to run
  • Game, lottery and ticket sale
  • Business ability, good reputation and financial background required
  • In terms of online gaming business, there are two legislative bases in Australia: for Australian Capital Territory and for Australian Northern Territory.

    Australian Northern Territory

    In order to run one’s own company in the Australian Northern Territory, one must obtain a licence. Three types of business are possible, if one is certified:

    1. a game
    2. a lottery
    3. tickets’ sale for a lottery


    No particular application forms are required to apply. However, to obtain a licence, one must meet the following standards: have a good reputation, provide a decent financial background, have sufficient resources, be capable of running the business and hire competent staff.

    Also, an approval of correct functioning of gaming software and control is needed.

    A 20,000 revenue units fee must be paid at first, where the cost of a unit is $1.15 Later, costs will be determined via negotiations and agreements.

    Hence, the jurisdiction of Australian Northern Territory has its specifics which distinguish it from the other part of Australia and jurisdictions of other countries.

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